The Wacky World of Bean Bag Chairs

Wacky bean bag chairs!

We’ll be the first to admit it, some bean bag chairs look a bit odd. You have seen those old misshapen ones that people could never pull themselves out of – much too comfy we think — but there some bean bag chairs have been designed to look completely strange or different!

Here are a few of the wackier bean bag chairs we’ve come across.

  • An Octopus Bean Bag chair actually made out of recycled jeans! This eleven armed chair was made to be sat on or even in – when you pulled it’s crazy foam arms around you!
  • Rocky Bean Bags made to look just like rocks! Inspired by nature and made to look like stones seen outside, these deceptively tough looking bean bag chairs are actually incredibly soft. Go figure!
  • A Shark Bean Bag chair that you sit inside its tooth filled mouth! Of all the animal bean bag chairs we’ve seen, that has to be the strangest.


What’s the craziest bean bag chair you’ve ever seen?


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  1. Bean bags says:

    I love bean bags thanks for such a great invention

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