Fombag-Worthy Video Games on the Horizon

Nothing like XBox from a fombag

There’s nothing better than sitting in a fombag playing your favorite video games.  We probably love that as much as anyone.  That’s why we try to keep up to date on the newest and hottest video games on the horizon.


  • Gears of War 3 is scheduled to come out in time for the holiday 2011 season (we hope).  This game will let four people play cooperatively.  It comes with new multiplayer modes and different ways to kill the Locust enemies.
  • Like Star Wars?  Now, you might have to wait a little while for this one… but Star Wars: The Old Republic is in the work from EA.  This is an MMRPG that we can really get excited about!
  • Don’t like fighting or shooting?  Then you should be looking forward to Portal 2.  this game is a story-themed series of puzzles.  It’s got that unique “action” vibe, but you’re not actually in combat.
  • If you DO I like shooting, then Rage is a first person shooter that you might enjoy.  It’s from the same company that brought you Doom and Quake, so it should certainly be promising.  Can’t wait to sit back in the fombag and play this one.
  • Love Zelda! The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is due for Wii soon.  When you’re tuckered out from swinging the controller around, you can crash in your fombag.

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