Resolve to Relax in a Fombag

Make relaxation a part of your New Years Resolution for 2011!  Learning the right ways to relax and get rid of stress are important steps in creating a happier and healthier you.  You can relax all you want in a comfy Fombag!  But if you’re at work and away from your Fombag, there are other things you can do to help yourself relax.


Events that cause stress can be either positive or negative (think a promotion versus a car accident).  These events can also be major or minor, but your body reacts to stress in generally the same way.  Think of it as the “fight or flight response.”  It’s a biochemical reaction that occurs every time your body adapts to change.  If you’re chronically stressed, then this constant heightened physical state can lead to illness.


Practice some deep breathing in order to calm yourself down.  Lie on your back (if at all possible) and slowly breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Make sure you breathe deeply from the diaphragm.


You can also try meditation.  Sit in a comfortable position, and choose a mantra that you like and repeat it over and over.  While your thoughts wander, keep repeating the word.  If you feel like it becomes mechanical, try to refocus your awareness on the word you chose.


Resolve to calm down a bit this year.  Let your stress float away as you sit back in a Fombag.


About fombag

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