Fombag and the Benefits of Napping

I love the size and how I just sink right in. I’ve taken 2 naps in it already because it’s so comfortable. That’s a pretty big deal to me considering I’m just not a napping person… I seriously only take about 1 or 2/year. Even with the dog barking, the stress of the workweek, and my baby girl tearing through the apartment like the Tasmanian Devil I can still manage to get away when I sit in the Fombag. (I know it sounds cheezy but it’s true).
— Mike S, CA

Relax in a Fombag!

Many experts agree that the best way to fight fatigue is to get enough sleep every night.  But that’s not possible for some people—especially those that work long hours, work at night, and have small children.  Even some people that do get enough sleep at night can regularly feel the effects of the “mid day dip.”  Studies have shown that taking a nap is a great way to increase your alertness or reaction times, improve your mood, and reduce accidents.  And, when you have a Fombag, taking a nap can be a pleasurable experience.

Fatigue can impair your performance and make you prone to accidents.  For instance, NASA conducted an experiment in which some pilots were instructed to take short naps whenever possible during long haul flight operations.  It was determined that, as compared to those that did not nap, the napping pilots had a 34% boost in their performance and a 54% boost in alertness.

You, too, can benefit from napping in a Fombag!


About fombag

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