Fombag Photo Contest! is having an image contest.  Have you heard about this yet?  (If not, where have you been?)

We were so excited and pleased by the Halloween costume photo contest that we decided to do another one.  This time, you need to put your amazing Photoshop skills to the test.  All you need to do is place a Fombag in some famous historical setting.  We’ve already gotten some excellent entries, and we’re dying to see what the rest of you can come up with.


If you are the winner of this contest, you’ll get a 5’ Fombag in Plum Microsuede.


Are you ready for the rules?


-Your photo must show a Fombag in some sort of historical setting.

-You need to post your entry to our Facebook page.

-We need to get your entry by midnight PST on November 22.  (That’s Monday, for those of you keeping score.)

-The winner will be announced on November 23.

-You can enter up to three times.

-Download an image pack for your consideration here at


Keep the entries coming!  You can use any of the Fombag images on our site.  We’re just itching to give away that 5’ Plum Microsuede Fombag.


About fombag

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