Celebrate Earth Day with Fombag Fun!

Celebrate with flowers, fun, and Fombag!

Earth Day is fast approaching! This April 22nd you can do your help by being green – and we don’t just mean by getting a new olive green MicroSuede cover for your fombag. Doing your part for Earth Day doesn’t have to be a bore; you can make it fun for the whole family!

  • Teach the kids how fun it is to recycle by setting up a Recycling Obstacle Course. At one end they’ll have to drop off plastic bottles in the bin, but not before they make it around the a complex course with fombags and other furniture. Kids will either have to run around, or climb over the cushiony fombag in order to reach their goal.
  • Unplug the electronics for an afternoon. Read, draw, or just relax for an afternoon nap in your fombag. Just don’t turn on anything that will use up electricity, like the television or computer.

Embrace Earth Day this year in comfort. What plans do you have to help out the environment?

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Can’t Wait for Vacation? Relax in a Fombag!

Take it outside, folks!

Vacation is still months away, but with warm days you can’t help think it’s nearly here! If you’re longing to relax on sunny beaches already, here’s a few ways you can fashion your Fombag into an instant vacation.

  • Make believe you’re on the beach! Next time it warms up, position your FomBag to a window view! Crank up the tropical tunes or find a gentle wave sound to play —  there’s a lot to find online. Pour yourself a cool drink, close your eyes and just lean back and relax in your FomBag. You’ll feel so relaxed you won’t care that you’re not actually on a beach.
  • Camp out in comfort! If you have a tent large enough to fit over your FomBag, and small enough to fit indoors, set up camp in the living room for a night “under the stars.”


There’s a lot of way to incorporate a FomBag into your dream vacation like pretending it’s a white water raft. What vacation ideas do you have for your FomBag? Let us know in the comments!

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The Wacky World of Bean Bag Chairs

Wacky bean bag chairs!

We’ll be the first to admit it, some bean bag chairs look a bit odd. You have seen those old misshapen ones that people could never pull themselves out of – much too comfy we think — but there some bean bag chairs have been designed to look completely strange or different!

Here are a few of the wackier bean bag chairs we’ve come across.

  • An Octopus Bean Bag chair actually made out of recycled jeans! This eleven armed chair was made to be sat on or even in – when you pulled it’s crazy foam arms around you!
  • Rocky Bean Bags made to look just like rocks! Inspired by nature and made to look like stones seen outside, these deceptively tough looking bean bag chairs are actually incredibly soft. Go figure!
  • A Shark Bean Bag chair that you sit inside its tooth filled mouth! Of all the animal bean bag chairs we’ve seen, that has to be the strangest.


What’s the craziest bean bag chair you’ve ever seen?

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Bean Bag Chairs: The Perfect Invention!

Get cozy in a bean bag chair!

We love them so much that sometimes we forget that bean bag chairs haven’t been around forever.  (We like to refer to that time as “B.B.B” or “Before Bean Bags.”  It was a dark time, and we don’t ever want to go back.)


Bean bag chairs were originally conceived in the late 1960s by a team of Italian designers.  Initially, bean bag chairs were more pear-shaped, and they were usually made of leather.  The rest, as they say, is history.


Bean bag chairs became a huge worldwide phenomenon.  They were one of the biggest style trends of the 1970s.  These great chairs are still popular today because they’re comfortable, and they cater to a variety of lounging positions.  Additionally, bean bag chairs like Fombags are great for casual social gatherings in your home or apartment.  Bean bag chairs became and stayed popular because they’re just so darn comfortable.  They mold to your shape and they cradle you.  Decorators love them because they’re lightweight, mobile, and extremely versatile.  You can’t go wrong with a Fombag.


Be glad you live in a time that isn’t “B.B.B.”  You can incorporate Fombags into virtually any design aesthetic.  Embrace this comfortable trend—because it’s not going anywhere.


Here at Fombag, you can find bean bag chairs in many sizes, shapes, and materials.  You’re sure to appreciate the durable and substantial support you’ll feel in our chairs.  After all, Fombags are filled with love and foam, and that’s a winning combination!

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Fombag Facebook Greatest Hits

Make friends with Fombag

You “like” us on Facebook.  Heck, you “LOVE” us on Facebook!


Here’s a rundown of some of the Fombag Facebook page’s “Greatest Hits.”


Do you think if they used Fombag Mini’s For Tee-Ball, that more kids would be interested in playing baseball/softball?
You know those ball pits they have at children’s play places? What if you replaced the balls with Mini-Fombags?
If you were playing poker, and the other guy was wagering his Fombag…what type of hand do you think you would need to beat him?
Do you think the chairs that Yoda, Mace Windu, and the other members of the Jedi council sit on are actually Fombags?
If you were at an all you can eat buffet, and you had a Fompillow as your plate, how many trips do you think you’d make?
If a Fombag was a Florida orange, how much juice do you think we could squeeze from it?
Who remembers the Nickelodeon show “Guts?” What if the Aggro Crag was made out of Fombags?
What if the Death Star…was a Fombag?
What if you went fishing and you hooked a Fombag?
Do you think that airline companies should start replace the actual seats on the plane with fombags?
You don’t follow us on Facebook? What are you waiting for?
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Fombag-Worthy Video Games on the Horizon

Nothing like XBox from a fombag

There’s nothing better than sitting in a fombag playing your favorite video games.  We probably love that as much as anyone.  That’s why we try to keep up to date on the newest and hottest video games on the horizon.


  • Gears of War 3 is scheduled to come out in time for the holiday 2011 season (we hope).  This game will let four people play cooperatively.  It comes with new multiplayer modes and different ways to kill the Locust enemies.
  • Like Star Wars?  Now, you might have to wait a little while for this one… but Star Wars: The Old Republic is in the work from EA.  This is an MMRPG that we can really get excited about!
  • Don’t like fighting or shooting?  Then you should be looking forward to Portal 2.  this game is a story-themed series of puzzles.  It’s got that unique “action” vibe, but you’re not actually in combat.
  • If you DO I like shooting, then Rage is a first person shooter that you might enjoy.  It’s from the same company that brought you Doom and Quake, so it should certainly be promising.  Can’t wait to sit back in the fombag and play this one.
  • Love Zelda! The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is due for Wii soon.  When you’re tuckered out from swinging the controller around, you can crash in your fombag.
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FOUND: Fombag Origin Story (?)

The events chronicled below may or may not be true.  These notes were found in a cave in England under a pile of what appeared to be ancient Fombags.  Read at your own risk.

Thank you, Sir Fombag!

Day 42:

We should have known better than to allow ourselves to be test subjects for the King’s catapults.  Fortunately for us, we landed on something very soft.  We’re quite hungry, though.


Day 93:

We have been stranded here for nearly one hundred days.  There’s very little food to eat, and we’re running out of water.  Our only reason for staying hopeful this long has been our friendship with these giant pillow-like creatures.  They’ve provided us with comfort and warmth through these cold winter months.  They’re also extremely good conversationalists.


Day 126:

We began running out of hope for rescue, but one of the Bean Bag People (as we have come to know them) risked his life to search for a way for us to get home.  We haven’t seen him in nearly two weeks.  Sir Fombag, I’m praying for your safe return with good news of rescue.  Your fellow Bean Bag People are praying along with me.


Day 200:

Our prayers have been answered!  It is with a heavy heart, though, that I mourn the loss of the Bean Bag People.  In exchange for our rescue, Sir Fombag agreed to give his people up to an eternity of service as bean bag chairs, couches, and pillows.  Sir Fombag, I’m eternally grateful to you.

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